Missouri innovators make the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek – for fake weed

Let no one say this state doesn’t have the forward-thinking business leaders who can give the words “Made in Missouri” meaning someday. Yes, in years to come, you’ll have scaled the heights of success, be sitting on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean, and the cabana boy will walk through the white sand toward your beach chair carrying a silver tray. As he presents the tiny treat, he’ll assure you, “Our finest synthetic pot, sir, a beautiful 2011 K3, made in the rolling fields of western Missouri by their finest artisans.” Oh, don’t think you won’t harrump approvingly at that!

This week’s cover of Bloomberg Businessweek, written by The Pitch’s own former staff writer Ben Paynter, chronicles the big business of mom-and-pop synthetic-pot manufacturers. A lot of it is stuff you already know if you read The Pitch (K2 product test, “Fake Reefer Madness,” “Buzz Factory”) but Paynter’s story turns up some interesting details from law-enforcement officers who’ve been testing the drugs.

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