Missouri House votes down the option for businesses to require proof of vaccination


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A vote taken Monday stops businesses in Missouri from requiring proof of vaccination of any kind, not just against COVID-19. // Image courtesy of Missouri House Communications

The Missouri House voted Monday to pass a bill barring private businesses from requiring customers or employees from requiring proof of vaccination.

This bill envelopes proof of any vaccine, not just vaccination against COVID-19. It follows a bill passed last week limiting the ban to only the state and local governments.

Gov. Mike Parson does not plan to require proof of vaccination for travel into or out of Missouri either. Parson previously said private companies could enforce the requirements they wanted to, even though he doesn’t plan to enforce “vaccine passports” on a state level.

The bill received criticism from both House Democrats and Republicans, some of which argued that businesses occupying vulnerable populations like nursing homes should have the ability to require proof of vaccination from those who enter. O’Fallon Republican Rep. Tony Lovasco says that business owners should have the right to make that choice, despite the fact that he doesn’t want businesses to do so.

“If we don’t like what it is they’re doing with their private property, well you know what, we don’t have to shop there,” Lovasco says.

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