Missouri Governor and First Lady test positive for COVID-19

"We're fine."

Missouri Governor and First Lady Parson. // Photo courtesy of governor.mo.gov

In a July interview with talk-radio host Marc Cox on KFTK (97.1 FM) discussing COVID-19, Governor Mike Parson emphasized that people who are at high risk of becoming seriously ill should be protected. He continued by stating that “most people in the state were smart enough to figure out how to stay safe without government interventions such as mask mandates.”

This morning, it was announced that the First Lady, Teresa Parson, tested positive for the virus after taking a rapid test. Governor Parson was forced to postpone the remainder of his events for the week upon receiving her results and was tested as well. His preliminary results came back as positive.

Governor Parson shared a short video on Facebook to update followers on today’s events. While the First Lady decided to be tested because she was showing symptoms with a cough and nasal congestion, Governor Parson assures that “Right now, I feel fine, no symptoms of any kind.” He plans to work from home with him and his wife quarantining separately at their mansion.

This unfortunate news comes just 10 days before the Parson family Fall Festival, which was set to take place at the Missouri governor’s mansion on October 3. It has yet to be announced whether the Fall Festival will be rescheduled and/or still held at the original venue.

It’s difficult to say whether the first family’s newfound circumstances will inspire them to update the original advertisement the First Lady tweeted for the festival; changing masks from being provided to required, and social distance from being encouraged to mandatory. More importantly, will it force the governor to reconsider the state’s nonexistent mask mandate?

As the governor said in the same July radio interview, “We gotta move on. We can’t just let this thing stop us in our tracks.”

Also from July:

Governor Parson concluded his Facebook video today by stating: “Take care of yourselves, do the best you can to protect yourselves, social distancing, wear a mask, personal hygiene.”

Enjoy the full update from the mansion:

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