Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry honors organizations for achieving vaccination benchmarks

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Photo by Diana Parkhouse

Since it was launched two weeks ago by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Covid Stops Here campaign has already honored over 100 businesses that have achieved widespread vaccination against COVID-19.

“We believe every workplace can be a leader on vaccination, and it’s important that they do so because vaccination is key to Missouri’s economic recovery,” Daniel P. Mehan, Missouri Chamber president and CEO, says in a press release. “It is encouraging to see so many employers taking the lead on vaccination as we work to help Missouri finally stop this pandemic.”

The campaign assigns tiered designations depending on the safety of each workplace in an effort to highlight the importance of getting vaccinated. “Gold” tier means that 90% of the workplace is vaccinated, “Silver” is 80%, and Bronze is 70%. The majority of workplaces that have applied for a designation have received Gold.

Click here to see the full list of organizations that have reached these designations.

“Our COVID Stops Here designation signals that a workplace is a safe, healthy environment for employees and customers. The simple fact is getting vaccinated is good for business and good for our economy,” Mehan says. “The Missouri Chamber is proud to celebrate the efforts of so many organizations that are leading on vaccination in their communities.”

The COVID Stops Here campaign comes just as the government and hospitals are requiring staff to be vaccinated or face weekly testing. In the last couple of days, several organizations like Truman Hospital have followed the federal government’s lead by requiring its staff to be vaccinated.

Private companies and government offices can require employees to get vaccinated in order to work, which is something likely to happen as the Delta variant continues to spread across the U.S. and people continue to refuse the vaccine.

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