Mission Driven’s “Beds for Shelter Pets” campaign already at $50,000 in donations

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Shelter pets need the comfort of a warm bed this season. // Photo courtesy of Mission Driven.

Mission Driven in KC has raised $50,000 for the Mission Driven “Beds for Shelter Pets” campaign after opening donations only ten days ago on September 20th, 2020. While the donation totals are still climbing, so far Mission Driven will be able to purchase 8,347 beds for shelter pets across Kansas and Missouri.

“Beds for Shelter Pets” was started three years ago by Mission Driven’s owner Scott Poore, with the goal to provide every shelter pet in the state of Kansas with an inexpensive, but warm and comfortable bed. Through fundraising, Mission Driven was able to raise enough money to buy 3,000 beds in 2017. Now, their goals are higher.

With both a GoFundMe and corporate sponsors, Mission Driven has been able to raise $50,000 just this week to purchase beds for shelters across both states. The more money they raise, the more pets they can reach. They aim to work from the most rural areas with the least funding to bigger organizations, Poore said.

“Small animal shelters in rural areas have few, if any, volunteers and almost no donations. Not because they don’t care but because residents have no extra funds. So beds become the last thing some of these homeless pets will receive in a shelter. But what if we could change that?”

If the “Beds for Shelter Pets” campaign raises enough money to give beds to homeless pets in both Kansas and Missouri, Mission Driven is looking to expand to other states or even nationwide. This is not Mission Driven’s first time doing work to help shelter pets. The company specializes in pet-themed merchandise for the animal lover, so it should be no surprise that owner Scott Poore has used his reach to raise over $300,000 for animal causes since Mission Driven’s launch.

If you’re interested in donating to keep our furry friends comfortable and warm this winter, the link is here.

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