Mint Condition


Unless Frank Black is ever elected president, one-man Lawrence act This Is My Condition will never cross over to the mainstream. But when Craig Comstock gets behind his jury-rigged, guitar-laden drum set and begins flailing away and screaming occasional lyrics into a condenser microphone, people stop and listen — regardless of whether they’re more familiar with George Brett than with John Cage. TIMC’s playing is that fierce, primal and fun. At the past two Pitch Music Showcases, jocks, tanned MILFs and other Westport warriors have gathered around Comstock to look on with awe. Like Cirque du Soleil, he has both weirdness and mass appeal.
Today, our conditioned friend releases two new discs. One, Cut Loose, is available on CD and LP and is solo TIMC. The other, This Mission, is a collaboration between Comstock and Topeka woodwind musician and poet Dan Kozak. Tonight at 7:30, the two will perform live among the hallowed racks of Love Garden (936 1/2 Massachusetts in Lawrence). The record release coincides with an art opening, also at the store, featuring work by Harrison Fort, Anne Pierson and Justin Eagan. Call Love Garden at 785-843-1551 for information and preview the noise at thisis
This Is My Condition.

“This Mission” by This Is My Condition:Love Garden

Sat., Sept. 22, 2007