Mills Record Co. hosts free show tonight with music from the Rey-Tones and the Thunderclaps and photos by Zach Bauman

We’re sure you’ve got a lot of options for Friday-night fun — slurping margs at The Pitch‘s sold-out Margarita Wars, perhaps, or twanging with Shania Twain — but we have one more (free!) activity you should make room for on your dance card: a music and photography show at Mills Record Co. (314 Westport Road) tonight at 7.

One of The Pitch‘s regular photography contributors, Zach Bauman, emerges from behind the lens to show off all the photos we don’t pay him to get. Local rockers the Thunderclaps and the Rey-Tones are on deck to give the art a soundtrack. 

“The show is kind of a mix of a few different subjects,” Bauman says. “There’ll be some street stuff, photos from some traveling that I’ve done, and — since it’s at Mills — I’ve mixed in a few music-themed photos as well. I mostly focus on lifestyle shots, and the photos tonight are mostly just random stuff that’s caught my eye when I’ve been out and about.” 

Bauman had the Thunderclaps in mind after seeing that act while covering the 2015 Folk Alliance International for The Pitch. Psych-rock act the Rey-Tones was soon added to the bill. 

“It’s really just kind of about having a good time,” Bauman says. “I don’t love attention, really, so I brought the idea up to Judy [Mills, the store’s owner] to have a couple bands play. That way, if people like my photos, cool — if not, that’s cool, too, and there’s good music to distract them.”
The Rey-Tones go on at 7:30 p.m., and the Thunderclaps at 8:15. Details here. To peep more photos from Bauman, go here

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