Mike Sanders hosts town hall for Bannister’s sick workers

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver‘s KC office director, Geoff Jolley, was supposed to find a date in May for Cleaver to host a town hall meeting for sick workers at the Bannister Federal Complex. For a week, though, he didn’t return calls.

Maurice Copeland, the ex-KC Plant worker whose connections made this feature story possible, wasn’t going to sit around and wait. He and other activists from KC Nukeswatch visited the office of County Executive Mike Sanders to see if he’d be more responsive. Calvin Williford, Sanders’ communications chief, offered to let the group use the second floor legislative meeting room at the Jackson County Courthouse. Last night, that room was packed with people for a lively, but very sad, town hall.

“I got an e-mail from Cleaver’s office yesterday,” Copeland announced as the town hall got underway. “Guess what? He’s gonna hold a town hall for y’all!” A wave of cynical laughter rose up from the assembled crowd.

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