Mighty Mighty Bosstones Enter the Studio For New Album

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones entered the studio on the Fourth of July to begin recording their first album of all-new material since 2002’s A Jackknife to a Swan. They’ve been posting regular Twitter updates, including a master list of all the songs they’re working on.

Nine of those songs have been culled from the 25 listed, leaving 16 remaining. No idea as to which ones made the cut.

Since the band reunited in late 2007, they’ve released the b-sides collection Medium Rare and a 7″ single with the songs “The Impossible Dream” and “Next to Nothing.” I’m pleased as goddamn punch about this. Jackknife was a great bounce back after a rather weak Pay Attention, and it sucked that they didn’t so much as break up as just…fizzled out. Hopefully, this is a Mission of Burma and not—well, any other reunited group recording a new album.

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