Midwest fighter Jared Anderson remains undefeated after Saturday night match in Tulsa

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Jared Anderson vs. Andriy Rudenko. // Photo by Dominic Pellettiere

The heat was on in Tulsa on Saturday night for Jared Anderson after his last performance against former heavyweight champion Charles Martin. Just 56 days prior, “Big Baby” scraped his way to a unanimous victory, though many criticized Anderson for ending his 15-fight knockout streak he had retained since his professional debut. At just 23 years old, the Toledo-born (15-0) talent is scheduled for his fourth bout within eight months against Ukrainian veteran Andriy Rudenko (35-7), proving to be the hungriest in the division.

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Efe Agbaja recovering from a vicious low blow.  // Photo by Dominic Pellettiere

Before was a sampler of many upcoming names under the top-rank promoted event broadcasted by ESPN. Abdullah Mason earned his 10th professional victory at just 19 years old to start the card off. Following was Minnesota underdog Sona Akale, who delivered the upset of the night against Nico Ali-Walsh with a majority decision. Representing his hometown of Tulsa, Craig Lewis dominated his opponent for his twelfth win during the heavyweight preliminary.

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Bruce “Shu Shu” Carrington delivers a right hook. // Photo by Dominic Pellettiere

Another heavyweight appetizer featured Efe Agbaja, from Nigeria, earning a victory after excessive low blows, ultimately resulting in a disqualification before the main event.

The co-main showcased featherweight phenom Bruce “Shu Shu” Carrington, from Baltimore, who scored a unanimous victory for his ninth win since his debut just two years ago.

The lights dimmed for the final time while the 1960s T.V. theme song of Batman rang out as the star of the night emerged through the smoke effects. Entering the ring, he met his team, who matched their uniforms with bat-themed attire while his foe lurked in the opposite corner.

Unlike his costume’s inspiration, Big Baby went on to hold no punches against his opponent. While Rudenko tried his best to catch Anderson, the emphasis on body shots became rhythmic by the fourth round and created openings that Anderson punished Rudenko for, leading to an eventual fifth-round stoppage. 

The undefeated Midwest hero achieved justice for his reputation as a knockout artist on Saturday, August 26, in Tulsa. The signal is in the sky for the heavyweight division, and everyone knows the Big Baby looms in the darkness, ready to stop anybody in the way of his world championship mission.

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