Metro Pro Wrestling brings Tracy Smothers in Saturday night for the first show of 2016

The first Metro Pro Wrestling show of 2016 takes place Saturday night at the Turner Rec Center (831 S. 55th St., Kansas City, Kansas). Last year, former WWE writer and Metro Pro owner Chris Gough scaled back his wrestling circuit’s schedule to bimonthly, and he says its proven a wise move. 

“Going to the show every other months model helps,” Gough says. “It makes the shows more important.”

It also affords Gough the opportunity to bring in special guest stars from wrestling’s past, including tennis racket-wielding manager Jim Cornette and 1980s tag-team stars Ricky Morton of the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express and Bobby Eaton of the Midnight Express. This month’s guest is journeyman wrestler Tracy Smothers, who has appeared in the rings of WWE, WCW, ECW and pretty much every other company imaginable. 

Gough says to look for more wrestling stars from the past to appear on his shows. 

“I’m trying to book pretty good names for the rest of the year,” he says. He wouldn’t name who on the record, but the names will be familiar to anyone who followed big-time pro wrestling in the mid- to late-1980s.

On the current roster, Jeremy Wyatt still reigns as Metro Pro Heavyweight Champion, although devious president Michael Strider is still trying to fire his champion. Saturday night, Wyatt defends his title against the Beer City Bruiser, who has wrestled for Ring of Honor. If Wyatt loses, he loses his job. 

Also on the card:

A Brass Ring Challenge with the Winner getting a shot at the championship, featuring Jake Dirden vs. Mark Sterling vs. Devin Thomas vs. Kraig Keesaman.

A Metro Pro tag team title match with the Kobra Kai Dojo defending against the Riegel Twins. 

Central States Champion Ace Steel will wrestle. So will Kansas Champion Redwing, the Commission, the King Brothers, the KC Wolves, Kiyoshi Shizuka and a women’s match with Angelus Layne, Lucy Mendez and Miss Natural

If you’re looking for a future star on the card, look no further than Redwing. 

“He’s a special dude,” Gough says. “He’s going to be something cool.”

The future is also looking good with Metro Pro hooking up with former WWE star Trevor Murdoch and Derek McQuinn on the Kansas City Pro Wrestling Training Center. Gough says the two wrestlers will begin training locals in Lenexa this year. And that may be an in-roads to work in Metro Pro.

Gough also sees no end to Metro Pro. 

“As of now, it’s still really fun to do and I enjoy doing it,” he says. “We have our own family here — the fans and the wrestlers.”

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