Metallica‘s members have survived deaths, departures, alcoholism, Napster and each other. But if modern paranoia has taught us anything, it’s that everything we cherish is fleeting. Jurassic nostalgia aside, there’s no valid reason to pay through the nose for Rolling Stones tickets. But you do, just because Mick or Keith could kick off at any moment. Granted, Metallica is a good twenty-plus years younger and is still slamming out killer new grinds. Last year’s St. Anger was a dime-stuffed sock of peeved frustration, and the band’s potent catalog always wears well. But drummer Lars Ulrich’s hearing loss isn’t going to go away, personal anger therapists can do only so much, bus accidents still happen and, as Behind the Music has shown us, turning a positive corner doesn’t mean smooth sailing. So you’d better get those tickets while you still can.

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