Medical marijuana gets another go-round in the Kansas Senate

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  • The medical marijuana debate is back in Kansas.

Conservatives in Kansas will have to decide how they feel about medical marijuana. For the third year in a row, a Kansas state senator has introduced a bill to legalize medicinal pot. KCTV Channel 5 reports that state Sen. David Haley (D-Kansas City) is the sponsor of the Cannibas Care and Compassion Act, which would allow patients to acquire and use marijuana legally.

Under Haley’s bill, a person (who fit the medical criteria and had a doctor’s permission) could have up to 6 ounces of marijuana and grow as many as 12 marijuana plants in their home. The bill also grants the Kansas Department of Public Health the power to oversee and regulate medical marijuana compassion centers. Medical marijuana has been legalized in 18 states. A bill similar to Haley’s failed to make it out of committee last year.

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