Medical marijuana activists back fake reefer

If you’re getting chemo and you can’t buy the real thing, a bag of this might help.

​Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has yet to sign a bill criminalizing K2 synthetic marijuana — with an emergency clause making the law effective immediately. Gotta have that to stem the tide of K2 overdoses flooding the state’s emergency rooms and forcing pregnant women 40 hours into labor to wait to deliver their babies while doctors treat faux-weed heads. But now Missouri’s largest group of medicinal marijuana activists is coming out against the ban.

Sensible Missouri is a group of pro-medicinal weed activists that’s been staging events and rallies for years to get legal pot for Missouri’s sick. Mark Pederson, the group’s founder and president, has dissected the legislative arguments to ban K2 on the group’s Web site. Pederson doesn’t buy that K2 is dangerous, going so far as to call the ignorance of state reps “shameful” and “bigoted” when it comes to mood-altering drugs that aren’t booze.

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