Mean Melin’s U.S. air guitar tour starts tonight

Kansas City’s reigning air guitar champion, Eric “Mean” Melin, won’t get to defend his regional crown in 2010. The U.S. Air Guitar Championships are skipping Kansas City. But Melin hasn’t given up on his quest to join air guitar’s elites at the U.S.

championships. He’s dropped $270 on four plane tickets, and his five city U.S. air guitar tour starts tonight at the Metro in Chicago.

“That’s the one that I have no chance of winning,” Melin admits. He lists off several former regional champions that he’ll be competing against: Nordic Thunder, Sanjar the Destroyer, Romeo Dance Cheetah, Magic Cyclops and more.

Melin won’t be as theatrical as the blood-soaked

metal meltdown from last year.

“No gimmicks this year,”

Melin says.

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