Mean Melin wins the U.S. Air Guitar Championships’ Kansas City Regional

Mean Melin rocked so hard that he split his pants. It wasn’t the usual pants split from behind but in the crotch … in front of a crowded Record Bar … while playing air guitar. 

Luckily for him — and us — he was wearing tighty whities. Even luckier, Mean Melin has no shame.

Mean Melin is the air guitar alter ego of Eric Melin. Going into Tuesday night’s regional, Melin was banged up. He’d bruised

his foot the night before practicing on his deck. He came

down wrong on his foot and couldn’t walk on it. But adrenaline, tape

and a few beers numbed the pain.

And after last night, Mean Melin has a ticket to air rock at the U.S. Air Guitar Finals in Washington, D.C.

Last night at the Record Bar, Kansas City’s wannabe air guitarists looked ridiculous but rocked hard.

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