MC Chris

Whereas most rappers make a name for themselves by slaying competitors in free-style rhyme battles, MC Chris came up through strange circumstances — voicing a cartoon spider. Fans of the Cartoon Network’s cult favorite Adult Swim series should know MC Chris for lending his hyperobnoxious voice to Hesh on Sealab 2021 and various characters on Aqua Teen Hunger Force, including Sir Loin and Little Brittle. In one Aqua Teen episode, Chris made his hilarious mark by voicing the infamous MC Pee Pants, a gigantic diaper-wearing, gangster-rapping spider that rhymes candy with Jessica Tandy. Further cartoon rap exploits followed, including “Fett’s Vette,” which gave to the Star Wars bounty hunter: I’m after Solo/For all I care, he could be hiding at Yoda’s dojo. Now on tour to support his three albums, including the free-on-the-Internet Life’s a Bitch and I’m Her Pimp, MC Chris comes to the Bottleneck to rhyme about ninjas, Picachu, D&D and myriad geek references that have crowned him godfather of the newest (and most poorly named) subgenre of rap: nerdcore.

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