Mayor Sly James is pissed off about Kansas City’s ‘obscene’ homicide rate — and we all should be too

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Last year ended with 109 homicides in Kansas City, Missouri. The 2015 number was a spike back into the hundreds after a 2014 dip to 81 killings — the first time this city’s murder rate had dropped below 100 killings since 2007.

Kansas City’s 2015 total was also the most homicides since the 111 deaths in 2011. Here, eight days into 2016, there have been five homicides (and human remains were found by trash collectors today). 

Last night, an angry Mayor Sly James was featured on ABC’s Nightline (watch the seven-minute segment after the jump), raging against the “obscene” number of homicides in the city and the proliferation of guns. His anger was righteous. That two people a week in this city lose their lives in violent deaths should anger us all.

For far too long, this city has sat silent, ignoring the carnage that unfolds daily on the streets. It’s led to the moniker “Killa City” and countless broken families. So it’s at least refreshing to see James angry and speaking out, even if he doesn’t have any answers.

And how could we expect any answers? It’s difficult to see a light at the end of the tunnel if nothing changed after after 20 children and six adults were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary. If nothing changed after nine people were gunned down at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, then what hope is there?

Still, James’ voice is welcome. It’s a start to doing something about it.  

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