Mayor Quinton Lucas joins us on the Streetwise podcast

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Today on the Streetwise podcast we’re joined by Mayor Quinton Lucas.

If you haven’t subscribed to the show yet, you should. It’s quite good. We should know.

This week we’ve got some cool local music, and a phone interview that might make you tear up, but our feature is talking with the mayor, as we so enjoy doing.

It’s a bit of a spirited discussion this week. The right-wing national media has been calling Lucas a “Nazi” which is, apparently, not the worst experience he’s had with namecalling. We talk about “posting through it” on Twitter, the city’s reopening, and how he’s fighting for $50 million in aid for KC.

We also check out a cool local band, talk about re-entering overly crowded stores, and mourn the loss of director Lynn Shelton by playing a 2012 Pitch interview. A lot to unpack.

Take a listen!

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