Matt Blunt doesn’t brake for scooters

Monday was a really, really bad day for former Missouri Gov. Matt “Baby” Blunt thanks to a pesky Springfield scooter driver getting in the way of his Ford Explorer. For winning the SUV vs. scooter fight clash, Blunt received a ticket for failing to yield and a court summons. Running over scooter drivers is even frowned upon for former governors.

The scooter driver got an ambulance ride to the hospital but his mother told KY3 (who’s all over this story) that her son’s going to be OK. Oh, and guess who mommy is? Kellie Freeman Rohrbaugh, a former public affairs director for Planned Parenthood and now a staffer with the Missouri Democratic Party. Of all the scooter riders that Blunt could of hit, he got this one. Bad, bad day for Matty.

Credit KY3 for nabbing these videos. And anyone want to rethink repealing the helmet law? Ahem, Gov. Nixon?

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