Matt and Kim

If Lawrence expats Mates of State are the Splenda of boyfriend-and-girlfriend indie groups, Matt and Kim are the Sugar in the Raw.

The Brooklyn twosome met in 2004 and, like many other young couples in New York City, let their romance blossom into a synth-happy party band. The Internet has been buzzing about their spazzed-out live shows, where cute-as-a-cupcake Kim Schifino pounds away on percussion while Matt Johnson kicks and hollers behind the keys.

Acts known for their fervent stage presence don’t always capture that magic on disc, but M&K are an exception. Last fall’s eponymous record (released by hipster carryall I Heart Comix) is a real treat, packed with deliciously giddy and raucous dance jams.

“5K” by Matt and Kim:

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