Master Debaters

SAT 1/24

Lawyers, mechanics and computer technicians: They all make money by learning specialized skills and then extorting the masses. Some use their talent for good, others for evil. This Saturday, lawyers from twelve firms donate their extemporaneous-speaking skills to the forces of good. In the American Cancer Society¹s Barrister Bowl, they will attempt to entertain rather than convince the jury — in this case, the audience.

If the debate seems frivolous, it might be because the lawyers aren’t billing their time — or because they’ll be arguing topics such as this question from an actual Barrister Bowl in a different town: Did Little Red Riding Hood really deserve what she got in the woods?

The courtroom drama begins at 7 p.m. at the Folly Theater, 300 West 12th Street. For tickets, call 913-747-6012.— Michael Vennard

Stomping Grounds

Snow Creek’s terrain park invites competition.

SUN 1/25

As if skiers didn’t hate snowboarders enough, now the boarders have an exclusive terrain park where they can show off all the ways they’re better than their two-planked counterparts. Snow Creek’s new snowboard-only Rattlesnake Terrain Park features a drop-in for gaining speed, a tabletop and a roller hit for launching and a variety of rails and boxes for sliding. To join the fun, showoffs must own the board on which they intend to hurt themselves. No rentals allowed.

For accomplished hotshots, there’s a rail-riding contest this Sunday. Sign-up starts in the morning with a nominal entrance fee of around $10. Competition in advanced and beginner divisions starts around noon for trophies and gifts. Terrain-park staffers and other experienced boarders will judge. For more details, call 816-640-2200.— Michael Vennard

Come Fly Away

SUN 1/25

While the rest of us curse the winter winds that seem to cut through wool and Gore-Tex, the Kansas City Kite Club just lets out some line. On the fourth Sunday of every month, the members of the KCKC meet at New Mark Middle School (515 N.E. 106th Street) from 1 to 5 p.m. to unleash their creations on the airstream. Turnout depends on the weather, but kite fliers can usually be found testing a variety of dual-line sport kites, quad-line power kites (sometimes attached to three-wheeled buggies) and the basic single-line fliers. For information, call 913-648-4925.— Michael Vennard

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