Massive Attack

Why bother with a compilation that resequences songs from albums that work best as whole albums? Sure, the whole second disc consists of rarities and three new songs plus an entire program of videos, but fans of masterworks such as Mezzanine and 100th Window will have to ask themselves why they would submit to having those songs presented out of their original sequences. (The band must have seen this as well; Mezzanine‘s first three songs are included in their original running order.) Of course, that may be the very reason to pick up this release, because it plays like a Massive Attack mix CD (that is, if you’re not interested in making your own). Essentially, Collected is a stopgap to whet the appetite while Massive Attack (again including founding member Grant Marshall) readies its new album, which is still about a year from hitting the shelves, even with seven songs in the can. It’s also a great vehicle for casual fans and a good reason to get excited about the upcoming summer tour.

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