Marty Hillard’s oh!mr. is jockin’ Lawrence’s fresh in the new year

Marty Hillard is a fixture of Lawrence and Kansas City’s music scene: first, as a member of the beloved Cowboy Indian Bear, and second as a promoter extraordinaire, through his promotion group oh!mr. The Pitch talked to Hillard about oh!mr.’s upcoming shows and his plans for the new year.

The Pitch: Tell us about these two shows that oh!mr. is organizing and promoting.

Hillard: The first one is a collaboration with and Bear Club. It’s a co-promoted benefit that we’re doing called “Jockin’ My Fresh 2.” We did it about a year ago, and it went over so well that we thought we’d revisit the theme. Stik Figa’s got a brand new EP that he’s going to put out with a producer from Washington DC [named] Oddisee.

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