Mangino’s a jerk. But aren’t all coaches?

So it looks like the University of Kansas is going to be in the market for a new football coach.

It’s not easy to identify a good person to lead a high-profile sports program. Good recruiters, good talent evaluators, good X-and-O guys — they aren’t too hard to find. But a good person? Good luck.

Mark Mangino is a bully. Quin Snyder was a con man. Frank Martin cheated. Carl Peterson: unlikeable bureaucrat who knew how to manage his boss.

Bill Synder, who is married to wife No. 2, talks about family as if he invented it. He’s also been known to take university aircraft to California to see a physician. Burning kerosene in our fragile atmosphere because you don’t trust Kansas doctors to hold your balls while you cough? Cripes, get over yourself.

Snyder replaced Ron Prince, who negotiated favorable contract terms better than he did anything else.

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