Man who killed three in Overland Park appeals death sentence

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Six years after being convicted for the deaths of three, the man who drove to Overland Park looking to kill Jews is asking the Kansas Supreme Court to overturn his death sentence. // Image courtesy of Faith Always Wins Foundation

In 2014, Aurora, MO resident Frazier Glenn Miller Jr. drove to Overland Park looking specifically to kill Jews. He killed three people and was sentenced to death following his conviction.

Six years later, he’s asking the Kansas Supreme Court to overturn the sentence.

Miller’s attorney, Reid Nelson, told Supreme Court justices via Zoom that Miller should not have been allowed to represent himself in 2015 and that the state’s capital murder statute did not allow jurors to consider his state of mind.

Miller was convicted on three counts of capital murder for killing 69-year-old William Corporon and his grandson, 14-year-old Reat Underwood, along with 53-year-old Teresa LaManno- none of whom were Jewish. He was also convicted by a Johnson County jury of aggravated assault, criminal discharge of a firearm, and three counts of attempted murder.

Miller chose to represent himself during his trial. He spoke about Jewish conspiracies throughout the trial and yelled yelled “Heil Hitler” as he was sentenced to death.

On Monday, the Corporon family issued a statement following Miller’s appeal. Mindy Corporon, daughter of William Corporan and mother of Reat Underwood, has written a memoir and she created the Faith Always Wins Foundation alongside her family after the death of her father and son.

“We continue our lifelong healing process finding a new path without them at our side,” the statement reads. “Regardless of the outcome of today’s legal hearing, we continue to honor the legacies and memories of our loved ones, William Corporon and Reat Underwood. We are lifted by our faith in God, your kind words, and your prayers.”

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