Man Cave Meats feeds you for free tonight at KC Bier Co.

No dinner plans? No worries. Today, from 5 to 8 p.m., Man Cave Craft Meats puts on a free grill-out at the KC Bier Co. in Waldo as it celebrates joining the Kansas City and St. Louis markets. According to a press release, you can find Man Cave maple-syrup brats, pizza brats, beer-bacon-and-cheese brats and habanero-cheddar angus hamburgers at a local grocery store starting, like, now. And you can sample it all for free tonight! 

Man Cave Meats is a Minneapolis meat production company. I had some of their brats at a Fourth of July party once, when I still had a 55407 zip code. I think I remember them pairing well with too much alcohol. Go get you some. 

KC Bier Co. is at 310 West 79th Street. Apparently, there is “a chance to win product,” too. 

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