Make a Mix CD, Get a Free Cup of Coffee

Starting today and running through May 14, the

Roasterie Café in Brookside is running a deal where you can bring in a homespun mix CD and get a free medium cup of coffee. They ask that you include your name, e-mail and tracklist with the mix.

That’s one awesome experiment. I’ll have to check in next week and see what people brought in.

I punched “coffee” into my iTunes just now, so here’s what’s going on my mix. In case you didn’t know, Tom T. Hall is the king of coffee-bean balladry.

“Coffee, Coffee, Coffee” – Freedy Johnston, Real: The Tom T. Hall Project (Man, that’s a great song.)

“Five Cups Of Coffee” – The Jayhawks, from Blue Earth

“Don’t Forget the Coffee,” Billy Joe,” R.B.Morris, also from Real: The Tom T Hall Project

“Drink More Coffee” – Vulgar Boatmen, You And Your Sister

What’chall got?

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