Major League Quidditch returns to KC

Seeker Kansas City By Mike Iadevaia

Photo by Mike Ladevaia

Calling all Harry Potter quidditch fans! Major League Quidditch is coming back to KC after nearly two years of being grounded.

The Kansas City Stampede is hosting a three-game series against the  League City League this Saturday at Highland View Park at 4 p.m to kick off the  2021 season.  The teams are competing for a chance to take home the Benepe Cup, which is the league trophy named after real-life quidditch founder Alex Benepe, at the MLQ Championship in August.

Kansas City narrowly trails in the all-time series with five wins and seven losses. League city, which is a quidditch hub based in Houston, has played historically close games with  Kansas City, so it will definitely be a game to watch.

The MLQ has an abundance of  COVID guidelines and no teams can participate unless they are fully vaccinated or daily case rates in the county or metropolitan area are below a certain threshold.

Purchase tickets for this Saturday here.

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