A Christmas Carol returns to the stage, invites you to occupy Glitter Row

Matthew Rapport Dazzles Children Sitting In The Glitter Row As Ghost Of Christmas Present In Kcreps 2019 Production Of A Christmas Carol Photo By Don Ipock

Matthew Rapport dazzles children sitting in the Glitter Row as Ghost of Christmas Present in KCRep’s 2019 production of A Christmas Carol. // Photo by Don Ipock

For more than four decades, Kansas City’s beloved performance of A Christmas Carol has created nostalgic memories for families all around the metro. After an online virtual performance last year, the show makes a triumphant return to the stage on November 19 at Spencer Theatre.

With all the heart, spectacle, and Ebenezer Scrooge-iness you’ve come to know and love, it’s the perfect tradition to kick off your holiday season. (The show runs through December 26.)

In the midst of rehearsals, we caught up with one of the principal actors, Matthew Rapport, who plays the redemptive Ghost of Christmas Present.

Welcome back to the theater scene, my friend. Looks like 2021 is ending on a joyful note, yes?

You bet! It’s great to be back in the theater and particularly in A Christmas Carol.

Why do people enjoy A Christmas Carol so much? Part nostalgia, part tradition?

Yes, it is those things. I also think a good redemption story resonates with many people. I know I want to believe we can make up for past mistakes and change the course of our lives for the better.

How is the performance shaping up this year? You’re the Ghost of Christmas Present, yes?

Yes, I am the Ghost of Christmas Present. So far I think it’s going great. The actors and creative team have been having a great time putting the show together. There’s a real positive vibe in the room. It really feels like a team effort. I think audiences are really going to love it!

Rumor has it you do magic? Do tell! 

“While I can do a little magic, my special skills are actually juggling and fire-eating. I started my career as a street/festival performer and learned a lot of circus-type skills along the way. Juggling, fire eating, stilt walking, rope walking, etc.”

Wow! Hey, what’s Glitter Row? I keep hearing about it.

Glitter Row is the place you want to sit if you want to get all the extra magic Christmas Present has to offer. The seats are along the path I take through the house with Scrooge.” [Editor’s note: When you order tickets, you can ask for Glitter Row specifically. Tickets can be purchased at https://kcrep.org/ticket-info.]

And, finally, any other holiday nuggets our readers need to know about you—or the show? Dish!

Not only have I acted in A Christmas Carol many times, I also worked on the stage crew for several seasons. The crew works very hard to make magic happen and make the actors look good. When all is going well, this show is a well-oiled machine.

A Christmas Carol
November 19 – December 26

Spencer Theatre, 4949 Cherry, Kansas City
For ticket info, click here: https://kcrep.org/ticket-info

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