Magic Bullet Records Posts 20 Albums For Free Download, More to Come

Evolve or die!

Rather than try to fight, sue, or waste incessant time bad-mouthing the music-acquiring habits of people who “illegally” download full albums created by the glut of “hard-working” 20-somethings piling into vans and smoking the reefer in every city, forward-thinking individuals have been spending the last few years acknowledging the behavior and figuring out how to adapt accordingly.

With that said, Magic Bullet Records is proud to announce a partnership with the newly launched, whereby visitors and music fans like yourself will be able to download “official” / “legal” high-quality, virus-free mp3’s of entire albums spanning the entire Magic Bullet discography at NO COST. As an added incentive, bands / artists will be compensated financially by the advertising revenue generated by the site. Further, is donating 2% of their net revenue to a charitable cause of your choice (selected each time you download).

They’ve already uploaded over 20 full albums for immediate no-cost download (including some of the newest releases!), with another 80 or so that will be steadily available for download in the coming weeks and months.

Things you might want to grab first include two albums by up-and-coming troubadour Austin Lucas, as well as Boy Sets FireThis Crying, This Screaming, My Voice is Being Born.

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