MAD’s toys get primetime play on Heroes

I stopped watching Heroes midway through last season. I couldn’t take any more annoying story lines. It’s like the writers were trying to drive people away. I know, let’s make Hiro even more annoying! Let’s make him 10-years-old! But then I heard that the guy who created the short-lived but amazing Pushing Daisies was writing Heroes again, I gave the show another chance. It’s better. But I kept seeing these commercials. 

Look to the left of the geeky shop owner (I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be set in a comic-book shop in Lawrence). See the toys with the block heads and giant earlobes. They’re from local toymaker Jeremy Madl’s latest series. Nadia Pflaum profiled Madl, aka MAD, in October 2007. He’s a big-time designer toymaker. Now, he’s getting a little bit of product placement play in prime time. Nice work, MAD.

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