Mac Lethal, Madisen Ward & The Mama Bear, Mr. and the Mrs. and more: December’s must-see videos

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Be it Frank Sinatra, the Police, Tom Waits, or Cannibal Corpse, it’s the time of year for musicians to get together and give the gift of the music they love to you, the listeners and viewers. What this means is that, while there’s a couple originals here, it’s mostly a bunch of cover songs in this month’s Cine Local.

Mac Lethal, “Upside Down Flow”
December 7

Yes, Mac’s actually being held upside down. No, it’s not green-screened. Yes, he got his head banged the fuck up. It’s a stupid simple video that ends up looking absolutely badass, and was probably made for the cost of some duct tape. Another home run from director Barrel Maker.

The Noise FM, “Next to You”
December 8

“9 months of work for 3 minutes and 30 seconds of footage!” And it’s a Police cover. The Noise FM might operate out of Chicago these days, but we’ll always consider them a Kansas City band, and this video — ostensibly a promo for their annual set of Noise For Toys shows — only makes us want to keep them ours all the more.

The Dave Stephens Band, “That’s Life”
December 11

Dave Stephens used to play out around here all the damn time, but it’s been a hot minute since the man crooned his way through the area in any of his various incarnations. The Dave Stephens Band played the Sinatra Centennial Birthday Bash for the Kansas City Jazz Ambassadors, and previewed their set with an appearance on KSHB’s KC Live.


Mr. and the Mrs., “Oh! Darling”
December 14

We’ve more crazy psychedelic garage from the area’s answer to Dead Moon. This cut’s off the duo’s upcoming LP, Deo Volente, out sometime this spring on Mr. and the Mrs.’s own Woody Records. It’s actually one of two videos the band released, along with one for “The Killing Floor,” but since this one’s all clips from White Zombie, we went with creepy Bela Lugosi.

Hammer Smashed Everything, “Disposal of the Body”
December 18

This Cannibal Corpse tribute act features members of Torn The Fuck Apart and Troglodyte, amongst others. They get together for special events, such as Hammerlord’s Hammerween, as well as their own Cannibal Christmas, which assaults you in exchange for donating to Toys For Tots.

Madisen Ward & The Mama Bear, “New Year’s Eve”
December 23

This cover of the Tom Waits song for the Strombo Sessions’ holiday marathon is pretty heartwrenching from the moment it starts. It’s essentially a solo outing from Madisen, with Mama crooning quiet back-ups, but it’s no less effective for it.

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