Love Island is looking for KC singles to cast in their upcoming season

Please, we beg of you... represent us well. [Be a huge mess. Get it.]

Love Island Episode 112. Bria Bryant, Mady Mclanahan, Zeta Morrison, Courtney Boerner, and Sereniti Scott. // Photo by Casey Durkin/Peacock

Love Island USA is looking for a new group of singles to star in their upcoming season. They put out a call for charismatic ‘singles-next-door’ from all over the country, especially local Kansas Citians.

The season will air this summer, and anyone older than 18, looking for love, and interested in the possibility of winning $100,000 is invited to apply.

When it debuted on the platform last summer, Love Island USA was Peacock’s most-streamed reality show. All islanders live in a Santa Barbara, CA villa, so swimsuits are the required dress-code. You are completely isolated from the outside world to focus on creating genuine relationships.

Hosted by Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland, games and challenges encourage the islanders to bond and help them choose who to “couple up” with.

Anyone who is single after a “re-coupling” ceremony risks being “dumped” from the island and removed from the show. Viewers are also invited to vote for their favorite islanders on the Love Island app to influence what happens on the show.

The 83-question casting application is open now, and asks applicants to share everything from basic personal information to detailed examples of their dating history. A personal favorite question of mine was “why do you think you’re single?”

The application helps you warm up with questions about your hometown and social media presence, but questions get juicier the further you get.

Be prepared to share if you have ever been unfaithful in a relationship and the most difficult thing you have ever been through. Some fun questions like describing your ideal romantic partner, what you will do if you are interested in a person who is already coupled up, and “In 50 words or fewer, please write a dating profile for yourself” are also included in the application.

In addition to people actively looking for love, Love Island USA wants down-to-earth and friendly islanders. Even if you’ve never been on a dating show or imagined yourself cast in a reality TV show, love can make us do crazy things, right?

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