Looking for Some Rodeo? Houston Rodeo Tickets A Cheap Option to See Some Of Music’s Greatest Stars

The Houston Rodeo is only a few weeks away and this year’s edition is a star-studded event with some of the country’s greatest performers. Here’s a preview of what you can expect if you’re looking to grab Houston Rodeo tickets and attend any of the performances from March 4th to March 23rd.

The three shows that are in the highest demand are March 13th with Maroon 5 (average ticket price of $185,) March 7th with Usher ($131,) and the final show on March 23rd with the Zac Brown Band ($130.) While the average price is relatively high compared to other events, you can get in the door for each of these events for only $30 presently. Keith Urban on March 14th and Luke Bryan on March 17th are two other high priced events – with an average ticket price of $128 and $125, respectively – but you can get in for as low as $22. As you can see, the Houston Rodeo is one of the better opportunities to see some of music’s, and primarily country’s, greatest stars without paying a huge price.

The cheapest performances will take place earlier in the month with the Eli Young Band on March 5th and REO Speedwagon on March 10th. The average ticket price is only $45 for those two events and the get-in price is down to $6 for both shows. The opening performance is another relatively cheaper deal as tickets for Brad Paisley on March 3rd are available for only $22 and the average ticket price is $75.

There’s going to be a lot of exciting entertainment coming to Houston and now is a great time to head over and see some live rodeo and fantastic performers. Houston isn’t too far of a distance from Kansa City, and the performances will more than make up for any travel, so make sure to check out MyTicketIn for all your Houston Rodeo ticket needs.

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