Long live the panty tree: now a Rockfest tradition

Lo, I published my first review of Rockfest yesterday and awoke to this fine e-mail from Wayward reader Matthew Blackman that sheds light on the strange phenomenon that is the Panty Tree. Check it out:

Congratulations on your first Rockfest experience. I am thrilled it was a good experience for you and your article was awesome. What drew me to it though, was that last picture. The one of the underwear in the tree. Let me explain that as it was myself and my friends that put them there.

I have been going to Rockfest for fifteen years straight. The current group I go with has been with me for the last four. We always want to landmark our location. Usually it’s with a vendor, or a certain point, i.e. two screens back, main stage, right side. But we got the idea to stand out to put underwear in the tree to see from a distance.

And thus, my friend, the Panty Tree at Rockfest was born!!! It earned that name throughout the day by passers by who were actually using it as a landmark to meet up with their friends. I made a facebook page for it, and we are actually trying to do it bigger at next years festival!!! So, thank you for the inadvertent plug!!!

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