Local vintage store Boomerang celebrates over three decades in the community

The Pitch Questionnaire asks co-founders about their years in the business
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Kevin Kinkead and Keith Rosen are a bit camera shy, but here they are speaking with reporter Lucia Verzola about Boomerang’s thirty years in Kansas City. // Photo by Kelcie McKenney

Founded in 1989 by Kevin Kinkead and Keith Rosen, Boomerang is an eclectic vintage store that its founders would describe as, “men’s and women’s vintage clothing costumes, and more, from the 1920-1980s.” Though the business partners opened the store mainly selling vintage furniture from the 1930s-1950s, today they are a destination for those looking for costume and clothing for all occasions (hello Halloween 2020). Located on the corner of West 39th and Pennsylvania, the owners shared some insight as they near the store’s official 31st birthday, October 13.

Social handles: Boomerang-KC on Facebook

Neighborhood: Westport

If you could live in any time period, what would it be? 

Rosen: For me, it would probably be the 50s. People were smaller, shorter in stature. Often you find a 28 inch inseam or whatever.  The 50s as far as a true classic, I mean, it kind of ties in with the whole, you know, great cars, great colors, big fans, and all that fabulous stuff.

Kinkead:  I think I think I’d like the 60s. All the surfer movies, I thought it’s a pretty cool time.

When you guys aren’t at the store, what’s your go to spot on your day off?

Kinkead: The gym.

Rosen: I don’t want to say grocery store, but I’m a caregiver for someone.

What is your go to restaurant?

Kinkead: Cafe Trio.

Rosen: It’s one of our favorites. The owners are very cool and have been in here. The menu is ever changing. Yeah, that’s one of my favorites as well.  

What did you want to be when you grew up? 

Kinkead: I don’t know if I ever had a definite of what I wanted to be. I certainly didn’t see myself in this environment. I was in hotel management for a while.

Rosen: My studies for college were theater, so I think that this is an offshoot of that. I get to see theater people that are costuming and all. So it’s a small contribution to what I didn’t end up doing. 

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Inside Boomerang. // Photo by Kelcie McKenney

Dream collaboration with Boomerang?

Kinkead: It’s just something that has happened, not something we’ve planned or anything, but there is a bar called Funky Town in Raytown. Virtually every week, we would have people coming in for things to go to Funky Town. And it was just kind of something that was never discussed. I have not met the owner, I don’t think they’ve met me. But I certainly think that we probably feed off each other in that sense of, you know, because they really want you to dress the part when you come out to their bar. That’s part of their whole fun.

What do you think KC needs more of?

Kinkead: Well, you know, that’s a tough question, because it needs a lot of things right now. I mean, it needs theater, it needs entertainment.

Rosen: Those are the things that have been put on hold at this time, but are headed in the right direction.

A favorite item that you’ve sold over the years?

Kinkead: When I go back to pre major clothing, we sold some pretty awesome mid century furniture and furnishings. 

Rosen: I remember a big round bed with a velvet headboard with a matching bedspread taking up like the center of our old store. That was a highlight, I think it may have had like a Valentine’s looking headboard.

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Biggest struggle right now?

Kinkead: Getting through this time, the pandemic.

Some favorite advice that you’ve received in your lifetime?

Rosen: My best advice is “yesterday’s gone, and tomorrow may not be, so live today.” I don’t always follow that advice, but that’s one that I think is really important for everyone. 

Kinkead: Just do what you love.

Any new exciting plans for Boomerang in the future?

Kinkead: Probably just to continue to tweak it and stay on top of what people are asking for. That’s kind of how we went from the 70s into the 80s. 

Rosen: And reluctantly move towards the 90s as more people ask or inquire.

What would you tell your younger self?

Kinkead: I guess I’d probably say, you’ve done okay for yourself. 

Rosen: Maybe take more risks and chances. And if it doesn’t work out, you know, take the other road.

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3600 Pennsylvania Ave.


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