Local organizations are making much-needed medical masks, and you can help

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Remember when everyone everywhere was encouraged not to rush to stores to bulk buy all the medical masks so there would actually be some left for medical professionals? Unfortunately, many didn’t listen, and now hospitals are facing a shortage of essential equipment in the middle of a contagious crisis. While COVID-19 spreads throughout the country, hospitals and clinics fill up with contagious sick people more and more every day. Health care workers now have to deal with the horrifying truth that selfish behaviors are putting their lives and other patients’ lives more at risk. 

Even hospitals right here in Kansas City are facing the impact of supply shortages. If somehow you’ve avoided the news cycle for this long and still aren’t thinking this affects you, know that if you were to get sick and go to the hospital right now, you’d be at a facility that isn’t able to operate at 100% due to the waning amount of supplies.

If poor choices got us into this mess, it’s at least comforting knowing that positive choices are currently combating the shortages head-on. Rightfully Sewn and sewKC have both come up with clever ways to supply hospitals with much needed medical masks. Both organizations go about their support in different ways, but both strive to make an impact in solving the current problem we face. Both are helping hospitals in need and now you have the opportunity to help as well.

Rightfully Sewn is sewing nonmedical-grade fabric masks to donate to Kansas City area hospitals for frontline health workers handling COVID-19. At a conservative estimate, the team believes they can create 2,000 washable masks per week. These masks can be donated to surrounding hospitals. This important high-quantity production is not cheap, as their own supplies and wages are needed. This is why donations are so critical at this time.

The Walsh Family Foundation has pledged to match dollar-for-dollar donations for the first $15,000 raised. Other organizations have been reached out to for partnership, but anyone can donate now to make a difference

With a similar mission, sewKC is also working tirelessly to create the masks that health workers need. By following new CDC regulations in the time of crisis, sew KC are making washable masks that can be worn by medical professionals. For every masked purchased, sewKC will donate an additional mask to local shelters, clinics, and hospitals. As of March 26, sewKC said on their Instagram that they have had over 1,700 mask orders placed nationally and in Canada. Which means they’re donating just as many, and more, as some people have elected to donate their purchase as well. If you know someone that works in the medical field, you have the opportunity to purchase them their own mask, while knowing another is going to someone in need.

Masks are available for purchase at sewKC’s website.

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