Local musician recording song requests if you support local businesses


Photo courtesy of Bill Abernathy

There’s no better feeling in times of crisis than seeing individuals step-up and give back to the community they love. Kansas City musician Bill Abernathy is doing just that with “William’s Wonderland of Wood Coronavirus Sessions.” From his studio (named William’s Wonderland of Wood), Abernathy is taking song requests and recording videos for those who support local business.

With many small businesses in the area struggling due to the breakout of COVID-19 and the stay at the home prevention plan in place, Abernathy is using his music as a creative tool to help out. Audiences can request songs through Abernathy’s Facebook page, which is also where he posts his finished recordings. To get a song request approved, all you have to do is show you’ve supported a local business in some way. Whether it be from ordering take out, purchasing gift cards, or buying off their website, Abernathy wants to see our community come together to keep cherished business afloat.

So go support local businesses, then request a tune from Abernathy.

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