Local Blogger Makes Video of American Idol Auditions

The first lesson of American Idol is that people who suck and don’t know it are way more entertaining to watch than, well, just about anything.

The show recently held auditions at a local stockyard, branding those worth sending along to Hollywood or wherever and grinding up the rest into hamburger meat and feeding it to Randy Jackson.

Local blogger Ramsey Mohsen, whose motto is “If at first the idea is not absurd, there is no hope for it” (true-ché, Mohsen!), roamed the crowd of auditioners, talking to several hopefuls who were all too willing to open their pie-holes and bleat out a few bars of the performances that will surely earn them a one-way ticket to Jackson’s duodenum.

View the video right here on Ramsey’s blog.

Among the best and bravest:

Nitwit Yellowfruit

Grunge McDonald

Chauncey Bluetootherson

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