Local Band News: Gaslights Back Together


From Gaslights guitarist Chris Meck:

After taking a couple of months respite, and playing a duo show in which … well … we kinda sounded like The Gaslights … we’ve elected to carry on. Ryan Johnson (Buffalo Saints, Golden Republic, etc..) is on drums and Erik Voeks is playing bass. Whether or not they’ll be permanent or not will depend on scheduling, etc. But The Gaslights is still a band, and active as of May 4th at P. Ott’s.

Regular Pitch readers will know that country-rockers the Gaslights have been through just about everything — make that way more — than an unsigned, hard-touring band could get isself into, including a van-totalling collision with a moose, a subsequent inner-band marriage, and several trips to Belgium. Earlier this year, the band had called it quits, with only Chris Meck and Abigail Henderson continuing to play together (it helps that they’re married). Well, it looks like the flame refused to die. Hopefully this signals a new, reenergized direction for the Gaslights.

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