Local artists brought the smoky, sultry sounds of Radiohead to the Record Bar

The test of a cover song is simple: a good cover draws a new element out of a well-loved song. Of course, it’s tough to coax new arrangements out of Radiohead’s streamlined song structures. Sure, the band is famous for rich, modern compositions that are nothing less than orchestral rock masterpieces — and that leaves a lot to play with. But, re-imagining Radiohead? It can’t be an easy task.

Local jazz pianist Mark Lowrey tackled the British stars’ catalog last year at the Record Bar, and he reprised his collaborative efforts with other 17 local artists on Saturday night. With a string quartet, horns, drums, guitar and vocals from various Kansas City voices, Lowrey’s arrangements brought swaying samba and rollicking Afro-Cuban textures to Radioheads’ electronic sprawl. 

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