Local Artist Overthrow need not get lost in the shuffle

In the rush to cover shows, post new tunes, and let you know what’s coming up, sometimes stuff gets lost in the shuffle. Such is the case with the Local Artist Overthrow going down this weekend at the Riot Room. We flaked on getting you info in time for last night’s kick-off, so if you wanted to see Grisly Hand, Cowboy Indian Bear, Its True, The Caves, Sam Billen, or DJ Clockwerk, we apologize.

However, there is still tonight and tomorrow night’s awesomeness to check out — Audiovox, Pet Comfort, Sleepy Kitty (Ex Harvey Danger), Thieves, Bleach Bloodz, The Noise FM, Troubador Dali, Night Like A Thief, Tambourine Club, Cloud City, Vehicles, DJ 2Live Cruz, In The Grove, Waiting For Signal, Heroes & Villains, Be/Non Synthesized, Sons Of Great Dane, Actors & Actresses, Latin, The Model Congress, John McKenna Band, Seafarer, and DJ Robert Moore (Sonic Spectrum).

Whew. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. both nights, and admission is $10 per night.

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