Loafers without socks: Clothes Whores Pet Peeve No. 7

I chased a guy around the Beaumont Club before the Passion Pit show, trying to get a good shot of his feet, until I realized that he was not unique: 7/10 of the dudes at the venue were also wearing loafers without socks.

One loafer-wearing guy explained to me that he’s gone sockless ever since he was a kid and got tired of his skate shoes wearing holes in every pair. Thing is, my problem is not with the lack of socks. It’s more with the just-got-off-the-boat-gonna-have-some-brewskis-and-chill-bro, maybe-a-game-of-Frisbee-golf-but-can’t-be-out-too-late-gotta-work-at-my-dad’s-firm-early-tomorrow-morning loafers. They remind me of the pretentious golfers in Caddyshack. They remind me of Cary Elwes‘ character in Hot Shots.

And I bet they smell pretty ripe after a night of spilling beer and sweating inside the Beaumont.

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