LiveKC is bringing a leisure sports league and more to Barney Allis Plaza

Barney Allis Plaza is one of the most underutilized spaces in downtown Kansas City. Ever since the Explorers left town … you don’t remember Kansas City’s pro tennis team? 

Sports is coming back to BAP. Well, sports may be a bit of a strong word for the competitions being held in the city square between 12th and 13th streets and Wyandotte and Central. LiveKC, through the KC Crew, is putting together leisure sports leagues: croquet, bocce ball and badminton. It all starts Thursday, May 14, and runs through Thursday, June 25. 

The cost to play is $15-$20. Better act quick if you want to play in a league; the deadline to sign up is today. (Click here to sign up.) There will also be open courts for those who want to leisurely play.

But that’s not all that’s going on at Barney Allis Plaza. LiveKC wants to turn it into “Barney’s Backyard.” The city trust approved $250,000 from the city to kick-start programs in the outdoor space, which the City Council will vote on this week, according to KSHB Channel 41

Among the things LiveKC wants to bring to Barney’s Backyard, a biergarten, live music, food trucks, art installations and a playground for kids (well, in addition to an adult playground).

Kansas City has long needed some unifying event to keep people in downtown Kansas City after hours, besides First Fridays. This sounds like a step in the right direction.  

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