Live events team light-up KC bright red, bringing awareness to #RedAlertRestart

Darvick Ventura Fairgounds 2 Scaled

Darvick Ventura Fairgrounds lit up red. // Photo courtesy of WeMakeEVents

Local live event workers and performers will be lighting up buildings downtown and around the city in the color red on September 1st. The buildings awash in red light will be to raise awareness for a movement called #REDALERTRESTART. The RESTART bill that will fund small businesses and the live music industry due to COVID-19 cutbacks.

The live events industry is one that is important to the human experience, but has faced significant financial loss during the pandemic. Without governmental aid, it continues to suffer.

The Kansas City chapter for the nation-wide group WeMakeEvents is behind this venture. A spokesperson for the team stated: “We are live events — we are lighting, sound, scenic, singers, actors, directors, staging, stagehands, riggers, costumers, film crews, event company workers, 1099 contractors, self employed creatives, and more, and since March 77% of us have lost 95% or more of our incomes. Our industry was the first out because of Covid 19, and our entire industry is struggling.”

The WeMakeEvents team will be at the Hyvee Arena from 9 p.m. until 12 p.m.


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