Little Developments

One more sign of the continuing growth of the arts community in Kansas City is the inauguration of yet another new gallery. Hyde Park Gallery (3257 Gillham Plaza) opened its doors last May under the leadership of director Fumio Sawa and business manager Walt Boulden. So far, the gallery has provided support for seven artists, with Sawa, a notable abstract painter, among them.Things Smaller Than Most, Hyde Park’s third exhibition, is unveiled tonight at 6. The show contains 20 miniatures from St. Louis painter Richard Osborn, whose technique involves applying acrylic directly to glass instead of canvas. The resulting shapes are bright in color but also counterbalanced by the persistent presence of black shadows or lines. Giving his works such odd titles as “Comrades and Strawberries” and “Scotch Nautilus,” Osborn comes off as a more macabre version of Paul Klee. For more information, call 816-682-4131.

Fri., Nov. 2, 6 p.m., 2007