Little Brazil

Surprise! Not every notable indie-rock band from Omaha is on Saddle Creek Records. Example: Little Brazil. Frontman Landon Hedges has strummed alongside Saddle Creek stars Conor Oberst and Tim Kasher in their less famous projects (Desaparecidos and the Good Life, respectively). But, until recently, the guitar-based band that Hedges leads put out its records, including 2007’s heart-wrenching Tighten the Noose, on a Seattle label, Mt. Fuji. And now, Little Brazil has a new out-of-state label. Just this week, Kansas City’s Anodyne Records released Little Brazil’s new album, Son. Hence, Friday’s CD-release party at Czar Bar. The Omaha influence remains in the clean production of A.J. Mogis (Cursive, Bright Eyes) as well as Hedges’ verbose lyrical style. He lacks the poetic ability of Oberst and Kasher but, like them, he tends to pack a lot of story into each song. And the stories within Son are connected. It’s a concept album about a man and a woman who fall in love, procreate and fall apart. Throughout the album, Hedges’ brokenhearted wail is cathartic — and it will be live, too.

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