Lisa Lampanelli donates $50,000 to Gay Men’s Health Crisis in response to Westboro Baptist Church picket

UPDATE (May 24): Lisa Lampanelli’s publicist e-mailed today to let us know that the comedy mean queen is donating $50,000, not $20,000, to Gay Men’s Health Crisis. Turns out there were 48 protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church, upping Lampanelli’s pledge of $1,000 per protester. She’ll present the check to GMHC — the nation’s oldest HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care provider — on Wednesday in New York City.

Original Story (May 23): The Westboro Baptist Church recently engaged in an online flame war with comedian Lisa Lampanelli, who was in Topeka for a show Friday night. The WBC came out in force to picket the acid-tongued comic’s show. In turn, Lampanelli donated $1,000 for every protester at her show to Gay Men’s Health Crisis. That’s a fat $20,000 $50,000 check. Not a bad haul at all. Watch Lampanelli taunt the Phelps clan in the video above.

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