Lil Wayne

As millennial hip-hop goes, Lil Wayne has set the standard for what it means to sell fun. After a decade in the music business, the prolific rapper’s efforts paid off with the release of Tha Carter III in 2008; the album’s hits, such as “Lollipop” and “A Milli,” launched the artist directly into the collaborate-with-everyone-ever sphere. As his proficiency at producing hits has grown, the former Hot Boy has reached the point where it’s easier for listeners to enjoy his talent in spite of his music’s inherent misogyny. Smiling through self-aware club jams, Lil Wayne plucks the high-five-worthy bits from both rock star and rapper archetypes to embody good, dirty fun. Whether Weezy captures hearts and minds via his charisma as a pop-culture icon or genuinely warms loins with his modulated gravelly croon, Kansas City will again know his multiplatinum power.

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